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Etter røtmånen

Exhibition with two 16mm-films, sculptures cast in hard candy and plasticine.


Tag Team Studio, Bergen, 2022. The exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council Norway. 


Photos by Thor Brødreskift and Vilde Blom. 

TagTeam Vilde Blom_60.jpg

Hilum of the plum

Sculptures cast in hard candy.

TagTeam Vilde Blom_7 copy2.jpg
TagTeam Vilde Blom_64.jpg

Plum, pulp, pulm

16mm-film (04:02 min varied loop), sculptures in plasticine.

View film below.

TagTeam Vilde Blom_29 copy.jpg

Under lindetreet

Sculptures cast in hard candy, found bumblebees.

TagTeam Vilde Blom_36_4.jpg
TagTeam Vilde Blom_17.jpg
TagTeam Vilde Blom_4_2.jpg
TagTeam Vilde Blom_26.jpg

Time to say goodbye

16mm-film (01:09 min loop), plasticine, soil.

View film below.

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